Sunday, November 09, 2014

Abandoned Projects

I haven't had time to explore my free Amazon Web Services and they were soon to convert to pay-as-you-go.  As a defensive measure, I cancelled the account, not really having learned anything.  Nor have I gotten anywhere with Cypher, the Neo4j language I was hoping to tackle.

Like anyone, I think I'm lunging toward X and find myself embracing Y instead.  Perhaps momentum is conserved if nothing else, or inertia if you prefer to call it that (coordinate systems talk).

Quakerism tends to have some liberal dharmas (teachings) about how "the way will open" and your work as the receiver is "expectant waiting".  The ego doesn't get to own the road in this picture.  But then perhaps one may legitimately worry this bigger Self is just another egoic projection, a shadow puppet. Projection is certainly a strong psychological phenomenon, good thing they came up with that name for it.

One might distinguish projects based on their point of abandonment.  Consider a ship.  Some never make it off the drawing board whereas others plow the world's oceans for decades before finding retirement.  Both may be accounted "ended projects" but certainly at different chapters or phases. The other variable to remember is that projects spawn other projects to varying degree.

Tonight I was watching a EuroPython video mentioning Rope, Pykka, Bottle and Traad ("thread" in Norwegian), the talk by Traad's author.  Probably that, and the email from Amazon about my twelve month free trial period coming to an end, got me meditating on Abandoned Projects as a theme.

Not that these excellent Python projects (Rope etc.) have been abandoned, more they've been spawned, adding to a thriving ecosystem.

Likewise the projects I've thought of doing, or have gotten into part way, have sometimes produced results in other, perhaps unanticipated directions.  Precession.


Greetings from Amazon Web Services,

This e-mail confirms that you have cancelled your access to AWS Unified Registration. Your access to following services is canceled:
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