Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blustery Day

:: Fall Look ::

High winds today, trees bending, quite stormy but without the driving rain.  I was walking in it no problem, descending Mt. Tabor.

It was mini boom town in Stump Town in those years, with many a new palace, new bridge (making a dozen total).  A proud city approximately at the end of both the Oregon Trail (pioneered by Lewis & Clark) and the Missoula Floods (in different chapters obviously).

The last Dick Pugh talk I missed wasn't content I'd heard i.e. I missed out on quite a good talk by all accounts.  I'd been moping in my beer contemplating a different fashion line up now that ol' Stetson Gun Club was gone for good.  Longmire without a hat?

The Punch & Judy Show at Math Forum has been productive for me at least in that I got in touch with a GST buddy in India, a pen pal if you will, who knows more about Warfield and Pearce than I do.  We've had our differences, which I've even blogged about, but that only shows how much we care.  Awww...

This really happened:  I saw The Zero Theorem twice and the second time my RAZR decided it needed a red vortex splash screen and gave itself one.  A first perturbation of the Singularity?  Smartphones might start showing signs first, like dogs yelping before the tsunami.