Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sessions (movie review)

This film recalls Kinsey in taking an anthropological view.

The casting is almost too perfect, to where it becomes a cartoon, and in that sense a divine comedy.  The Catholic priest is top of the line, if not over the top, in that regard.

The film is structured as one long confession, but ultimately not a confession of guilt.

This husband of the therapist has an interesting role.  You'd probably need to be a philosopher to have that be your wife's day job.  We only see him blowing up once, and even then it's fairly low key melodrama, and she gets to read the letter anyway.

He's in the church with the rest of 'em, cleans up well.

I like that they have her making tapes, reflecting into her 1980s cassettes.  It's not set in the present.  That's something of a relief.  He lived to be about my age.