Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Meliptus in May
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Memorial Day was a lot about community, thinking about our shared lot as humans.

At my lunch meeting at Noho's (Clinton & SE 26th) the conversation turned to solitary confinement and the damage that does to people.  Our last ISEPP speaker had mentioned wanting to learn more about what's up with Colorado, where the percentage of prisoners in solitary is relatively high.

Yet our brains are built to help with collaboration.  We're great at being synergetic, given half a chance.

Meliptus is river-worthy again, after months out of commission.  We had a vet with us on that leg, and a conscientious objector, best of friends.  Stopped by the gas dock.  Watched some workers pull up a lost anchor.

I got back in time for dinner with Carol, Alexia and Tara at Thanh Thao.  The service and food were excellent as usual.  We also like Fujin, further west on Hawthorne.

Trevor later filled me in on the upcoming Xoxo event at the Yale Union Laundry Building.  He also showed me how to use Tonido WebShare.  The tool set is evolving quickly.

We must not have a lot of time left to dilly dally in faux stupidity.

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