Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My Character


My own role in this "Russian novel" (some science fiction) is somewhat interesting, at least to me. I'm in a large suite in a Hilton with Associate Producer on my nametag.

But then there's this Guys and Dolls aspect, especially before I lost the Quaker aka "Chicago crime boss" hat, where I'm on the phone to these street molls and soup kitchens, some kinda Soprano (finally caught me an episode or two at Patrick's).

Meanwhile, mom fights against weapons in space (more power to her, to us, the human beings).

My street busking Global U student (lots of skills) got some water dumped on her from a 2nd floor window (slam!). The crowd below had been semi-appreciative (evening party goers). She was deliberately practicing some of the time, pioneering "professional practice" as a form of street entertainment (it's hypnotic for some, crazy-making for others).

The computations are somewhat intensive. I have a set of equations ("Duke's Equations") I truck out in our followup "board meetings" (yes, I like to pace). She might carry an umbrella next time.

School is about to start. Tara is still decompressing. The meeting gets its first official briefing on 9-11.

Djangocon is off and running. I sat in on the end of a tutorial and was reminded of how security conscious Django is. You need to follow its model to have these features work.

I'm not so much the intended audience for these tutorials though, as I tend to focus on teaching more these days, with lots of thoughts about animation.

The videography around Djangocon is interesting to me. We have both a taping crew and a still photographer. The magician, Aaron Smith, was really good.