Friday, June 18, 2010

Synergeo 60786 re: Martian Math

"all math is ethno-math"

One of the bright ideas Dick came up with recently (seriously folks!) was the idea of Martians making a delivery, of a tetrahedral yard of concrete. Just making it a yard was in itself brilliant, as that term contains "thirding" as a concept, which'll get us to 2-frequency (where concrete is born! (joke)).

So what are Earthlings to do, to get ready for the delivery? Make a mold for the receptacle, using root2(2) on every edge (of a cube). Carve out that internal tetrahedron, like in a dug-out canoe, and have the Martians fill that up. That'll be your yard of concrete. That's about 1.414 yards to each edge.

Those who didn't "get" Synergetics don't understand the Martian instructions and build a "cube root of 3" cube instead, with edges about 1.44 yards. That cube is too big and they're wasting materials. From a Martian perspective, these people have a mental disability. In the Martian equivalent of the DSM, there's an entry XYZ (let's call it) that gives a more spelled out version of the diagnosis / prognosis.

Now some sticklers might come along and say our cube is two half-yards on a diagonal, and since 2*2*2 = 8, this must be a 2-frequency cube. If the tetrahedron is 8, the cube itself must be 24. At this point, you get an argument between the two Earthling camps: should the edges be 2*root2(2) or 2*root3(3)?

There's another sect in this picture, with yet another interpretation of the Martians' instructions. What do they think? We might have to wait until a next episode to discover that.