Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Radical Math Planning

a 10-frequency flextegrity tetrahedron

Fortunately for our latest media campaign, "radical" has a conservative, established meaning in mathematics. The radical sign designates the nth root of a number, by default its second.

Our zip code area, 97214, is cram packed with talent. The TV series would be fantastic, but off beat, more underground comic than Hollywood blockbuster. The birthplace of the Silicon Forest has its attractions. Hawthorne Boulevard used to be named Asylum Avenue according to the tableau at Fred Meyers.

Glenn Stockton has assembled the simple ways to come up with the key edge lengths you'll need, using just a compass on paper, to construct such as the unit-edge cube with body and face diagonals, of radical(3) and radical(2) respectively. The unit-edge tetrahedron slips right in, a smooth segue to our Concentric Hierarchy, core to our curriculum in 97214.