Thursday, July 16, 2009

Planning Meetings

Glad to get a cell call from Alaska, even if the bubble was weak, Anna explaining why I'm not included in recently completed TECC specs, mainly cuz half of my posts are but a mouse click away from something R-rated (more average for gen/X and after, but we're grays after all, still working hard to hunker down and play professional, in grand boomer style).

Thanks to Chris Brooks for sending the next meeting agenda, looks fine to me.

Lindsey has exotic senior management experience I'm envious of, tempting to send her to work under Sara Ford @ Codeplex to pick up the latest in XP DNA, then maybe throw her at Providence, but I'm not her handler, just one more on a growing list of local fans (OK, so I admit to having not met many Southern Baptist types in my day (even liberals need mind expansion therapy on occasion, especially if wanting to survive in Portland)).

I'm doing the rounds on Tink with 360compass this evening, although that's not a meeting for business really, just going down a checklist before Larry flies himself off to the Big Sky State (Montana) to meet up with family.

Welcome to Abigail, joining Pacific University, happy to get your call after your long drive across the continent. ISEPP fellow G. Stockton and I were out strategizing when you phoned, eating wild berries (Dr. A. Taylor, also an ISEPP fellow, met with me in Oregon City last week, before my meeting with Dr. T. Khuri, all meetings productive).

Looking forward to Keiko's new art show. CSN is sitting pretty for now, doesn't need any help with marketing. Patrick and I are both focused on motherboard failures (Diane's went kablooey too).

On the PSF front, here's an unofficial breakout of members by passport authority. Pycons in India, Philippines and Argentina were recently mentioned (no reason they can't happen in parallel). Vern Ceder is making progress with Chairman Steve's idea for a poster session (I take no credit for that one).

Argentina 1
Australia 5
Brazil 1
Canada 8
Denmark 1
France 1
Germany 8
Iceland 1
Israel 1
Netherlands 4
New Zealand 1
Korea 1
Sweden 5
Switzerland 1
UK 3
USA 70

[source: PSF Members list, adapted for local use]

And last but not least, my thanks to Gregor in Vienna for cutting out some of the fat in my "algorithm for Ada" (Bernoulli numbers) the other day. Edu-sig is a veritable gold mine by this time, if Pythonic math is your thing (and for other reasons as well).