Friday, February 13, 2009

OS Bridge Planning

I showed up late to this meeting, as I'm pushing hard on a writing project having to do with the CRRs versus LMRs, clinical research records versus legal medical records. I've been in this business for fifteen years or so, have a lot of information to distill.

What neither Jason nor I realized, was the leadership for this conference is looking at filling a hotel with out-of-towners as a consequence of booking the Oregon Convention Center, on the model of OSCON.

That's a challenging prospect in today's economy as businesses are cutting back on employee enrichment (Bruce was very clear about this), even where this may be a perverse response given networking is often the lifeblood of an industry, conferencing a chief way of keeping shows on the road. Fear is unproductive.

No one needs a lecture from me on an obvious, in-our-face problem. My plan is to continue supporting OS Bridge, would hope that the City gets more involved, as we're actually talking about the economic future of our town.

At some level, "open source" is an engineering response to the challenges facing the scientific community, as it seeks to gain traction in the face of pressures to hunker down and stop sharing.

We're talking about passing on a very high civilization, not an easy job but on the other hand what else is there to do? This is the work, whether compensated or not. Passivity is not an option, especially if you're an engineer.