Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One Year Later

From February 2, 2009 (edited):

So here we are at the start of a new chapter. I've upgraded my existing blog templates, plus launched a new blog.

There's some focus on Afghanistan in my writings, given I'm a buckaneer, and given the stories in Critical Path, Fuller's work for the Expo in Kabul.
The Russians were so impressed by the 200-ft. diameter dome at the 1959 U.S. exhibit in Moscow that they bought it. “Mr. J. Buckingham Fuller must come to Russia and teach our engineers,” garbled Premier Khrushchev. [BFI link]
In today's news, there's a non-NATO military base in Kyrgystan getting put on the chopping block. I wondered if there'd be any TV coverage but so far it's just a lot of wire service chatter, plus (somewhat amazingly) Wikipedia is already tracking the story (an encyclopedia as a source for breaking news -- not your grandmother's Britannica eh?).

So where on Earth is Kyrgystan you ask? Google Maps to the rescue.

Being able to embed Google Maps right in my blog is a cool feature. Again, Fuller wrote a lot about the ongoing omnitriangulation project, getting all that global data neatly packaged in a sharable format.

Google Earth has done a good job of making global data accessible to our Global U students and faculties, looking forward to more.

As a Friend
, I'm naturally committed to civilian applications of these technologies, including in Afghanistan. I know the military is sometimes frustrated when tasked with nation building. "Building Valhalla" is not part of its job description.

Update 2010: Russians gave a green light to keeping that Transit Center going, after a significant rent hike. The dining hall is being expanded in anticipation of an influx.