Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Wild West Biz

A twosome in a bizmo might logically rotate as pilot and co, but when you have bigger teams, roles further differentiate, into navigator, camera crew and so on. Sometimes the bizmo mixes in with other vehicles i.e. the caravan isn't one-to-one with circus positions and/or the talent occupies dual roles (even more in some castings).

Given the Native American connotations, we like the word "chief" a lot, so CEO, CFO, CTO and CSO (chief security officer) make a lot of sense, even for non publicly traded companies.

When Quakers aggregate in their Monthly Meetings, they're expected to map to legal state boilerplates for non-profit religious corporations, meaning one needs to name officers, with the bylaws being essentially the F&P (Faith & Practice) i.e. Quakers' way of doing business, which is all about doing business, per the Meeting for Business, or M4B (another form of M4W).

By the same token, we're happy with the word "deputy" as it has that old timer Wild West ring to it, kinda Don Knotts in flavor (kinda comic).

You'll find many companies with a Deputy CEO if you Google, with the acronym DCEO sometimes used.

Some picture server is down @ Google today (~ 11:45 am PDT), messing up these blogs. I joined a group discussion about it, OK fixed.