Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wanderers 2008.6.18

:: The Ancient One by Lynne Taylor ::
Lots of talk about TV studios this morning, after I succeeded in hijacking the meeting just long enough for a lightning talk on anthropology, used the tiny Apple speakers on the mantle to boost my iPod, circulated some printed lyric sheets.

Duane has some talks lined up in other venues, as do I. Jim's got a Canada trip queued, to see family. Jon and I talked about the ethnography around robots while making coffee in the kitchen. Traffic lights are called "robots" in South Africa.

Terry and I talked server. He's agreed to be the whois technical contact for, so I'm going to work on making that change today (done!), one of many tasks on my task bar. Appending a diagram...

I just learned about Katie's YouTube channel from someone who knows I'm a fan.

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