Saturday, May 12, 2007

Class Notes (session four)

design pattern: model, view, controller
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I started today's class with a two page handout, and encouraged students to take some notes by writing on the handouts as I explained them.

Our Model is mathematically expressed in terms of vector vertices wired up into faces, per the Polyhedron subclasses. Our Views are VPython's, standing in for a real time game engine, and POV-Ray's, representing a render time ray tracer. Python serves as a Controller, connecting the Model to the Views per user selections.

two views: real time vs. render time
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Viztoyz and Povtoyz have a lot in common, but are designed as controllers for two different views, a real time and render time view respectively.

Python + POV-Ray
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I projected from the DVD Animusic 2, including some director's commentary, to demonstrate how render time output might nevertheless by synched with real time music, via some MIDI-to-Machinima API.

I also recounted my role in the Understanding Human Motion project, again helping to suggest how render time animations might be helpful in various kinds of simulation.

parking violation
I keep indulging in this utopian fantasy wherein Saturday Academy instructors are these elite academics with parking privileges in PSU's mostly-empty-on-Saturdays garage (vs. the other one, mostly full). This fantasy has so far cost me $60.