Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Modular Dissections

:: viewing a Q (actually a U) module ::
(note: no sound track)

Lots of different namespaces use a lettering scheme to identify various geometrical "building blocks." Tell Anderson came up with this "U module" nomenclature, which Koski has adopted as a part of his own geometric explorations, which may be started with this dissection of the Golden Cuboid with edges phi, 1/phi and 1. What Bucky and Koski call T modules are angularly identical, but may fit into different regimes in terms of starting volumes. Conversion constants may apply.

What's important to Koski is the T module decomposes into a phi-scaled version of itself, plus these other modules emerge at every level: the unresolved, the remainder, and this U, with each containing recursive ever-smaller versions of the others -- a kind of fractal or fractionation of a whole into self-similar parts.

The above Google Video was made using Camtasia Studio to view a .wrl file in the Cortona VRML client by Parallel Graphics. This .wrl (world) file was in turn generated by Scott Vorthmann's vZome, or "virtual zome" tool, written in Java, the edges and nodes having been put together by David on his Mac.