Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I showed up at the DMV, helmet in hand, all humble pie, owing to this lapse of my driving credential. I felt it would be poor form to hot rod into the parking lot in Razz, and so dutifully mounted TinkerBell (newly named), which explains the bicycle helmet (also blue, but no bell).

I'd already taken my #158 when I realized this meant a new picture, but I was disheveled, unkempt, not to mention untidy, and without a hair brush in my over-the-shoulder OSCON bag (very European, don't you think?). I was wearing the orange Lucky Lab T-shirt (the same one as through Heathrow, coming in), and joked to the DMV clerk that I was getting a dual purpose license that'd also work for my dog. He laughed dutifully, having an award for customer service (I saw it on the wall).

So I went in search of said brush, winding up, on foot, in some Asian hair salon, where the proprietess had some trouble deciphering my meaning, but then happily sold me said brush once she got clear: a handsome wooden one, very spikey, for $5. I hustled back to the DMV in time for my appointment at the counter, where $34 took care of it. Now I'm back in the green, legal with the state, once again able to drive Razz with my head high (and yes, I can live with the new picture).

Anyway, as I said, this was all on a bicycle, the Seattle to Portland one, but now with a kid-friendly dinosaur bell (ring ring), plus other signs of aging. I confirmed by cell that the longer loop'd be fine, but then encountered sewerage repair happening (I'm so out of date) and had to reroute. Before that, however, I enjoyed the new pavement, waved hello to Precision Castparts Corp. (a local giant) and... well, then came the fence, and the detour up a steep hill to Crystal Springs, out by Tolman, onto Bybee and on into Westmoreland.

Don, a native of those parts, by-phone recommended the Philly steak place, which also serves Moore Beer. I was astonished by the smokey flavor of Copper, plus savored the IPA. The sandwich was delicious. Then I wandered by the Bunce residence, to discuss sheet music in cyberculture. Then home, loop complete, but without the expected east side run up from Sellwood to OMSI. In retrospect, the diversion was welcome.

Yesterday, TinkerBell and I did the Hawthorne to Steel, back along the east side esplanade (very Uru, and reminiscent of Chattanooga's), both ways through Ladd's Addition.