Sunday, May 21, 2006

Traveling Circus

A bizmo needn't show up solo. Like when they film a movie: stars need their bizmos or trailers, rock stars their buses. Then you need lights, cameras, other equipment. A director sometimes. There might even be tents involved, just like old times.

In "reality TV" mode, documenting the event for the archive and later editing is important, but is not the whole point (reality is not entirely "made for TV" much as some viewers might buy that it is).

No, we're getting other work done too, depending on the type of event: a dome raising, a health care happening, an educational presentation, juggling, magic tricks, any or all of the above -- or something completely different.

Or a bizmo might indeed show up solo, some master teacher aboard, probably scheduled long ahead of time, per some local (or remote) control room itinerary. Or is the event unscheduled? Like in some cartoon about the Wild West, the stranger rides into town and ties up at the saloon... Many plot lines diverge.

I'm somewhat surprised that reality TV hounds haven't already explored this genre in more depth. True, Dave Ulmer is more into uploading stills than movies, from his satellite equipped rig in the desert. Maybe he should take up juggling?

Or we could have a multi-decal jobber, including that new Python one. I'd be (already am) one more of the family, another happy camper.