Friday, December 23, 2005

Sushi for Xmas

The title alludes to this hilarious skit I heard on a recent Prarie Home Companion, about this clueless public radio guy doing all this multi-cultural programming around Christmas time, inspiring mass demonstrations and rocks through the window.

Like, who wants sushi music for Xmas? Me, for one.

Today I get to eat as much sushi as I like, sumo style, in celebration of my wife's new bookkeeping collaborative, which does dynamite fund-accounting for worthy NGOs around town. We'll be joining Phyllis and her husband, a computer geek like me (I've not met him before). We'll have our children with us too (yay).

Then maybe we'll get to see King Kong. See Grain of Sand for a review.

Merry Christmas everyone! Ho ho ho. Good WILPF party last night at Boltons. I sat next to this Lakota, former high school biochemistry teacher, who had all this interesting evolutionary theory (mapped to medicine wheel mnemonics) about how patterns of light and dark (a consequence of spiralling / spinning) program our solar system. Fun fun.