Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another Outing

The above image is from inside a 1966 LIFE magazine (Feb 18, pg. 56). The virus model on the cover is far less sophisticated, but this one suggests a dawning awareness of "the geometry of nature" as Fuller called it, although carbon chemists had long known it as simply "organic" (lots of hexagons).

When Scientific American popularized the new understanding, Fuller's name was cut from the final writeup, in part because editors didn't think their readers were quite ready to grapple with Bucky's unsettling A and B module talk. That was like forty years ago.

I purchased my copy of the aforementioned magazine from a local mom and pop books and periodicals store. I made an extra trip to get cash and spare them the surcharge (also to buy pie and walk Sarah).

I recognize the plastic card system gives merchants a way to share the costs of making travel safer and more convenient, bringing more tourism to local establishments. But when shopping close to home, the locals may use a more traditional currency. That's certainly true here in the Hawthorne District.