Monday, November 06, 2017

Another HP4E Story

Welcome to another episode of Hexapents for Everybody.  What's a hexapent?  Most simply, the Adidas soccer ball pattern, also found in Carbon-60, the buckminsterfullerene molecule.  FIFA appears to have moved on to a new pattern, but that's neither here nor there.

The topology at work is such that those twelve pentagons, evenly distributed on the classic soccer ball, might be more randomly distributed, even as the number of hexagons is allowed to proliferate ("higher frequency").  Nor are we limited to twelve pentagons if straying from a purely hexapent pattern. Why not allow squares too?

Adrian Rossiter of Antiprism fame has shared such a construction in the window below.

What's fortuitous for our HP4E campaign is we don't need the petitioned bureaucracy behind public road signage to cave, and show pentagons going forward.  We use the discrepancy, now enshrined, to suggest a productive thought process, a new thoroughfare.

Keep those signs exactly as they are, along with any number of similar exhibits suggesting unfamiliarity with basic principles of Synergetics, and leverage that circumstance to promote the missing ingredient.  The lack begets its antibody, the corresponding knowledge.