Friday, September 18, 2015

Car Karma


When I dropped Carol downtown at Pioneer Courthouse Square the other day, the Nissan acted quite reluctant to start, but finally did.  I'm glad I didn't need roadside assistance in busy downtown, right next to the Max tracks.

Were the problem a low battery, the process of driving home should have charged it up some --that's what the alternator is for -- meaning today the start process should have been smoother.  It wasn't.  No dice.

I had a physical therapy appointment so took off at a good fast walk for the bus 14, getting to my appointment in the nick of time.  Coming home, my smartphone battery had just enough charge to show my still ticking ticket to the driver.  All good.

Fortunately, I'm all paid up with AAA.  If you flip back through my blogs you'll find my AAA stories.  A battery specialist came by and checked the car in my driveway.  The battery is almost fully charged.  The starter itself is now the chief suspect.

Will I need to rent a car next Wednesday, when Carol wants to go to Corvallis, or might it be fixed by then already?  Stay tuned.
Towing Nissan