Thursday, November 06, 2014

Short Story

This one came to me this morning, a comic skit maybe. 

It's about this guy who makes like a hundred times more than anyone, or exponentially more, but then he's obsessed with covering his tracks by encrypting any porn he might tap into, and that takes like nine tenths of his dough, or whatever it takes to knock him back to like you and me. 

The funny part is we all know this is his obsession, to protect his privacy with fancy encryption bought from the most expensive think tanks.

So what has he gained really? 

We never know the IP numbers or exactly which girls and/or boys (or hamsters?) but in leaving that to the imagination, we pretty much just see a guy who could have had a lot more fun in life. 

So yeah, it's a sad story, but then it's fiction, a cartoon.