Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Meetings

I snored in Meeting on Sunday.  Embarrassing when that happens.  Pam yanked me back to consciousness.

I'd bicycled over around 8:15 AM, having chauffeured an MVP to the airport again (routine comings and goings).

Yes, that was Steve, former PSF chairman.  Michelle was over the night before, helping brainstorm about OpenDjango.  She thanked me again for nominating her to the PSF and said she'd read the thread about it in the members only archives.  Michelle and her husband are both skilled webbies, though in different ways.

This was the day of Portland's half marathon and many streets in the vicinity were blocked.  People came late (they do anyway -- Worship and Ministry is working on it, perennially).

At est if we weren't on time we got confronted and asked to look into our lives.  People were wanting to be called on stuff, to be confronted.  Some people have jobs where most the feedback gets suppressed -- especially bad around dictators and emperors, which may be why they get so dorky so fast, once ensconced.

Don't let them crown you, is good advice.  They're just abdicating their responsibilities and making you a convenient scapegoat.

Partly why I bicycled over was to participate in Sunday Morning Adult Discussion (SMAD), an institution for Multnomah Meeting going back many years.

We used to read entire books, such as Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley, but we're more free wheeling today.

Denny was through, from Shang Hai.  He gave me a cap with Shang Hai in English and Chinese.  This was the day Multnomah Meeting was to approve his membership, our clearness committee having recommended same to last month's meeting.

Today I had lunch with Mr. Aris, and dinner with Ms. Brenholtz and Ms. Urner.

Carol joins us in less than 24 hours, coming from St. Louis, by way of Chicago.  Her boxes have arrived from LA.