Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Excerpt (Recent Writings)

The people who call themselves "American" should meet more criteria than just having a passport I think.

I think we should flip it:  all those hard working "undocumented" people just trying to make a better living are now "the citizens" whereas anyone who has paid serious taxes to the mutinous war machine should be considered an illegal alien.  The so-called "citizens" have failed to protect their democracy or restrain their leaders from committing atrocities.  They are not entitled to keep her.  The undocumented will likely do a better job (even as many are getting documents, plus storing their genomes in SQL/noSQL).

Yes, the American people (newly defined) are mostly undocumented and innocent of war crimes.

The illegals (mostly of Anglo-Euro heritage) have been complicit in these dirty wars and are only citizens because they've bullied the rest of us into thinking of them that way (I'm Anglo-Euro-Asian perhaps).

Perhaps a coalition of the undocumented and those who still have values and principles will continue to push back.

Who knows, brave democracies might grow here in fertile Columbia once again (no, not named for Columbus, who was already named for something).


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