Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swap Meet

Proposal to Swap Left and Right

I was thinking, politically speaking the right enjoys an unfair advantage simply in having seized upon "right". "Left" still goes with "sinister" and you'll see how the whiteman textbooks all have "positive X" to the "right" while "negative" is always "left".

Things started to seem more equal when "left" and "right" brain got into the act, as the "left brain" was all that lexical rationality, so maybe left was OK. Ah, but that is to forget the great switcheroo: your right hand is controlled by your left brain, so same guy on top, in other words (they're in cahoots).

Anyway, the proposal is to swap left and right. Everyone keep your positions, keep being "radical" or "far" or "far out" if you need to be, but just take the other side's word for the time being, say for the next year or so, then maybe swap back. This is to eliminate the hidden bias of the "right" (a left brain conspiracy). So like Rush is far left and Chomsky is far right.

Think you can handle it?

Just for a year?

Your IQ might go up a tick, might be worth it.