Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wanderers 2011.9.27

Attendance was really high last night; Duane Ray is a popular speaker and his topic, String Theory, was of generic interest to our demographic, a diverse group of the science minded.

Usually I've heard Duane expressing dismay about the beliefs he's presenting, but tonight he was sharing about the world view he respects. He was humble when it came to assessing his own level as an initiate. Those who maybe thought themselves of higher degree made some challenging criticisms of some of the slides. One or two of the errors were outright typos.

I had nothing much to say and sat on the back stairs, close to Dondi, who was taking in the whole talk with rapt attention. She also brought us wine and chocolate. Angels do exist. Anyway, I say hats off, interesting performance, share it more, by all means, keep getting feedback.

Neutralinos eh? Those sound good in pasta salad, plus I like dark meat better so dark matter might be tasty in small amounts. Just tossing word salad with ya.

This was very much ISEPP country (lots of techno-pomposity), so I was all the more surprised when Brian Sharp suddenly appeared from nowhere, looking hail and hardy. Don, likewise impressed, was quickly on his feet as our master of ceremonies, putting the spotlight on one of our tribal elders, a voice of conscience if not consilience, on the Wanderers discussion list.

Duane covered the Standard Model of gravity, electro-weak and gluonic realms, explaining the taxonomy of whatsons again, a dizzying zoology of permuting quanta. Thanks to having my own brains in the Synergetics blender for so long, it's a little hard for me to disentangle this talk from the A and B modules, a neighboring namespace using many of the same terms, but with semi-remote meanings (just how remote is a topic on Synergeo).

That was a lot to cover before sliding into strings themselves (the subjects of the theory).

What's intriguing about this uni- or multi-verse picture is it's no less miraculous than some of the more religiously inspired, just hangs together better, at least sometimes. There's enough consistency to give a sense of syntropy, of sense being added more than leaking away.

That being said, it was interesting how long we went on, during Q&A, really not seeming to know what we were really talking about. Everyone had some ideas. To me, this sounded like a room flooded with metaphysics, but that's just because of how my ear is trained. I have ears for philosophy and tend to filter other subjects with that bias in mind. Many complain this makes my blogs hard to read. Too many non sequiturs sometimes.

Brian Sharp

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