Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspecting Disaster Zones

Also, nix on paying the debt for all those weapons. Those were LAWCAP's idea. Citigroup can pay for 'em with all that laundered drug money eh? Uncle Sam doesn't have any nukes either -- those are criminal and therefore belong to organized crime syndicates (terrorist networks). That's why we need the IAEA, FBI and other police, to put the spotlight on those criminals. Plenty of bad guys to go after. [from post of June 8]
Recruiting for the "away teams" needed to assess and monitor the super-toxins and other controlled substances associated with nuclear WMD storage and manufacture is an IAEA concern.

Having these sites cordoned off with "police tape" as criminal investigation sites means we're looking at forensics and the attendant training.

The treaties promote symmetry, even though there's an inner circle of criminal syndicates holding on to these weapons, shielding themselves behind nation-state iconography.

Some inspectors of Persian heritage might find themselves suddenly in Colorado one afternoon, installing more web cams. A fleet of jets, contributed by forces for good, keeps personnel moving.

Many hope to advertise their support as program sponsors, and to build brand loyalty thereby.

Was this a surprise visit, or was plenty of advance notice provided?

Surveillance from space might suggest whether any surreptitious activities had been triggered.

Exceptions for civilian power generation and nuclear medicine have already been granted.

Military power generation, as on submarines, many carrying outlawed weapons, is a different matter.

No world body has been certified to make the rules for the sovereignties, so it's the court of world opinion that registers its bias.

Tilting against nukes may seem like an exercise in futility, however many arms control experts continue leaning in that direction.

The drain on resources is non-trivial. The growing risks to present and future generations is unjustifiable.

The wars are killing us, although they still profit a few in the short term.

Committing crimes against humanity is a great way to squander good will and have your brands lose their magic.

Nation-states without nuclear weapons already have disproportionate clout and credibility thanks to a cleaner record.