Monday, February 08, 2010

Connecting with Friends

This rough sketch from the GENI web site includes Portland, a point of interest around here.

I've just added some new blurbs to the BFI web site, archiving with Pauling Campus engineers, suggesting Quaker organizations might affiliate with GENI more directly, why not?

and FCNL are both boasting "green buildings" these days, and this project is about intelligently designing our shared energy infrastructure, including in the Middle East.

More to the point, collaborating on global infrastructure is how we focus on ethical uses of technology, removing the occasion for wars.

Friends also have their scattered schools, so it makes sense to connect other dots as well. Perhaps our Computational Thinking course will attract a few teachers?

In terms of branding the stuff as specifically Quaker (a somewhat whimsical notion), I've already done some work to keep that possibility alive.

We want our children to be proud of our taking a lead role when it mattered.