Saturday, June 27, 2009

Facebook Quotes

Posted to Facebook regarding infidelity, in the wake of more news cycles involving yet another politician caught cheating, followed by calls for resignation etc. (hyperlinks added):
I hope we have a single woman as USA president someday, and more singles in office generally, as we waste waaaaay too much time on this infidelity business, not just talking about Clintons. If you're not married then no scandals we need to care about right? Keep 'em private and we'll shut up too if you're not breaking the law. Go ahead and sleep with your secret service guy/gal who the fuck cares, you're the prez!

They've probably already made the movie, but I don't remember what it's called. Whoopi Goldberg as prez maybe, doesn't make it a comedy, could be a touching summer romance. I might go with the Ralph Bakshi cartoon version though, given my tastes (into cartoons, even if they're political).
Speaking of cartoons, I forked out $18 in overdue fees at Movie Madness, partly for those Duckman episodes (no time to watch 'em all), although also for Six Feet Under.