Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Day After

Got me a haircut today. Yakked about Ralph Bakshi cartoons. She'd taken some children, not realizing "cartoons" might encompass such adult themes. Fritz the Cat maybe.

Then I came home with a hankering for some All American Hebrew National hot dogs, boiled, in a bun, with onions and mustard, ketchup if feeling bold.

I got these at Freddies the other day, might've been something Derek said, about really tucking 'em in (putting 'em away) when a jock, made me nostalgic for old football injuries (I have a damaged toenail from my International School days -- kinda humid for outdoor sports I thought).

Mostly I'm back on the treadmill today, revamping old code. Saturday Academy was a workout, gave me a skills boost.

I'm supposed to invite Microsoft as a sponsor of Europython, looks like. I also suggested ConocoPhillips.