Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm back in the saddle (new office chair, from Office Depot), reconnecting with my Portland matrix after a few days in Corvallis.

Nick is heading the other way, having tended to the flora and fauna in our absence. I took him to Fry's in Wilsonville so he could check out the latest in tiny laptops, maybe for a next Europe trip, and so I could begin acquiring parts for KTU4, a next office monster (plus I bought a Cosair flash drive, 4 GB, for just $23).

Today's big investment: a Diamond branded version of ATI's Radeon 4850, 512MB etc., sold at a discount, plus rebate (about $150 all told). My bookkeeping and other projects will be happier with more throughput.

Why not just use the PCIe slot in KTU3 you may ask? Well believe me I thought of that, but this lower end HP Pavilion a1630n has only a 300 Watt power supply with no PCI power connector. So for now I'm sticking with Nvidia GEForce 6150 LE, the mobo chipset, running at 85 hertz. Should I get a PCI power adapter and try the new ATI anyway? A new power supply might be a better idea.

The annual open source circus is in town (OSCON) meaning people to see, parties to join.

:: Anna and Inanna (cool hat) ::
Later: I had a good time showing Steve Holden around Hawthorne, including the Linus Pauling House, where I introduced him to Patrick Barton. Steve and I then joined Andy Baxter (with Google Australia), Duncan McGreggor (divmod) and the Martelli family (Anna, Alex and Inanna) for excellent food at the Montage Bistro, 301 SE Morrison. Good call Alex!

Don and Glenn went to hear Mark Shuttleworth's talk; I'm looking forward to their reports, plan on catching his keynote tomorrow evening.