Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OSCON Season

Just to follow up on yesterday's Puttering, I've invested in a new 600W power supply for KTU3 so I might interimly avail of the new KTU4 guts, to wit the ATI Radeon 4850. No rush though, shipping ground.

Back Stage has this great mural, where Patrick, Steve and I had our beers yesterday.

I picked up with Steve Holden and Duncan McGreggor where we left off, retrieving them from the coffee shop inside the Ecomotion electric car dealership on Sandy, where both were connected to wifi. I showed off "my" fleet of eATVs, like the ones we'll need for our call center ecovillage.

We sampled our local Indian buffet (Indian as in India, where Duncan had studied with some with Tibetan trainers that time), Glenn Stockton joining us, with a review of the Shuttleworth meetup @ Mission Theater last night.

So what's up with the CBS News podcasts @ Apple iTunes these days?