Saturday, June 14, 2008


Per my Accessorized Quaker motif, I sometimes go with a local costume, the better to share about our western heritage why not. I see others on YouTube pulling similar stunts. My hat is real beaver (like felt), with my name inscribed.

I mostly produce these self styled pilots for in-house use, as I know other groups have their own recognized authorities, don't need me to tell 'em what a Coupler is, a unit-volume space-filling shape of eight MITEs.

I put each MITE in an octant of XYZ, all corners touching at (0,0,0), just to get the ball rolling in an analytic spatial geometry context (important in design science).

Here was a more esoteric explanation of "bow tie universe" using a Dorji as a prop (works well in this role).

The Homeland Security T-shirt is a souvenir from New Mexico, goes well with the hat and/or sunglasses.