Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Political Polling

I find it interesting that "the economy" and "the war" are considered two separate issues, such that voters might be polled on which matters more.

In point of fact, "the war" is what the economy is dying from, as a fixation on military solutions has meant delaying any real focus on the needs of civilians (including discharged veterans), languishing in their toxic trailers, substandard schools, overcrowded hospitals or whatever.

Inept bureaucracies won't be held accountable for the jobs they're not doing, so long as we're terrorized by nebulous terrorists (what they'd prefer remain our focus).

Moreover, many supranationals have colluded to not bid on lucrative development contracts in the Middle East, in order to punish this or that political elite -- a gamble.

Getting beyond "the war" is probably the only way to save the economy at this point.

Let's see if the politicians give us some straight talk about that.