Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PinBall in PDX

I bounced around a lot today, between telecommutes, although Razz only had a couple of errands.

Fun intersecting with Brian the other day.

Fired up Camtasia Studio really for the first time since swapping the Santa Cruz sound card from KTU2 (basement) to KTU3 (office).

I did some like Viiv type actions to compile YouTube fragments for inhouse perusal, by NPYM Quakers, of Quakers on YouTube.

AFSC is in Facebook in various guises.

Now I'm off again, Tara in tow.

Good to see the midwest sex ed segment on CBS News as it dovetails with my own message about YouTubes™ and/or Podcasts™ being relevant when it comes to shaping religious sects.

Hey, wanna work on a railroad in Oregon?