Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gender Studies (1 of 2)

In terms of nomenclature, I sometimes prefer "girl / boy" over "woman / man" because the latter makes a statement about an added / missing "wo" whereas the former simply says "genetic distance" (less spin in some dimensions).

In my writings, you'll sometimes see me saying my XX-friend or my XY-friend, instead of girlfriend / boyfriend. That's in part an homage to those beautiful Sigourney Weaver films and that idea of a special planet for "double Y" guys. Cracks me up every time (no offense to my XYY-friends, whom I can't tell from XYs).

In any case, I'm sympathetic to the "multiple genders" school, don't really care how many. Having worked as a school teacher in a Catholic academy for girls of high repute, I can attest that girls, like boys, differentiate into subtypes, which I don't need to rank in order to name.

But then as a theater / TV /movie type thinker in some ways, I tend to more or less abandon "gender" in favor of "role" and get more into stereotypes / archetypes at that point.

In terms of namespaces, in other words, I don't really sound like any kind of gender therapist or whatever, neither do I talk about "chakras" that much (I keep getting the colors mixed up), although I have male / female friends who do talk this way, and I'm able to follow to some degree.