Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brainstorming Curriculum

Today I brainstormed curriculum ideas with Anna Roys, who dreams of a new charter school near Anchorage, Alaska. I'll be able to use much of the resulting six page document in my work with other schools as well.

I put a lot of emphasis on the transition from ASCII to Unicode, on the analogy of going from gray scale or "black and white" television to images with more color depth (pg. 5). Sums of successive rows of Pascal's triangle = successive doublings, i.e. 2**N, a tie-in to Unicode's permuting of bits for labeling/mapping purposes (pp. 2-3).

Should a core nonprofit or for-profit provide oversight services to multiple schools, each with a local executive team, plus parent, teacher and student councils (pg. 1)? We didn't reach an answer to this question in Anna's case (it's too early to know).