Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coffee Shop

So I just went back to Philosophical Coffeehouse, a Yahoo! eGroup, to queue another posting.

I'm really in a commercial coffee shop today.

I'm feeling penitent for having zoned my own home a coffee shop (a home where I drink coffee) just so I could relax my religious practice for this eGroup, of only posting to it from a bona fide coffee shop.

There was some moral laxity there, if you ask me.

Johnny Stallings swept through, updating me on T.S. Elliot's view of Walt Whitman, WW's relationship with Emerson, other stuff. This was pursuant to a conversation with Sam in the high desert, about his own poetic influences.

He drove off with Nick just now, Johnny did, having left a flyer with the barista (see above).

Earlier, using my cell, I transacted an Amtrak ticket for Nick, who is eying SUNY Oswego again this year, having just returned from Toronto, Ireland, Berlin, the southern coast of France, other places. Quinn might get back to me with the $44 but I'm in no rush on that score.

The pixel fault in my Olympus Stylus 720 SW was fixed and returned under warranty. I've returned the earlier model Stylus to Tara, who'd kindly let me shoot with it in the interim.