Sunday, April 15, 2007

Future Shock

So I thought I'd swing by Multnomah Friends this morning, attending the Marsons' adult education circle once again, for old time's sake. Ron and I just had lunch recently, had some follow-up email contact, so why not?

Last I knew, the Quakers had passed on their opportunity to acquire the neighboring Masonic Lodge and its solid gold (in terms of value to Friends on a First Day) parking lot. The dreary truth was the place was more likely to go for condos, each with its own car, or two. The feeling of infill would be oppressive. Maybe the Mason's could be persuaded to stay in business?

So today I get there and the Lodge says Mazama Mountaineering Center on it, in bright blue. And the parking lot has been drastically upgraded, resurfaced, landscaped. And the house next to the Meeting House on Stark, where we've met all these years: gone, just a mud hole in the ground.

I shook my head in semi-disbelief and came home to heal the scars of future shock. OK, done.

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