Thursday, June 29, 2006

Smart Cars

Photo by K. Urner, Göteburg, July 2005

CBS News poked gentle fun at the North American market last night, wondering aloud if these freeway people would be smart enough to buy Smart Cars, long a feature of the European mindset.

The Hummer and Ford Expedition were compared (both about 16 feet long) in silhouette, in stark contrast to this micro eight footer.

However, based on focus groups and market analysis, I think what North Americans now dream about are ways to rack mount the Smart Cars to pull them two or three at a time, behind the same gas guzzling global warmers.

Each kid could have their own that way (more convenient for everyone!).

To head off this trend, I suggest that RV park owners follow the Portland FlexCar model and stock smart cars (various models) at the camp sites. Or call it the Catalina Golf Cart model. "No, ya don't have bring them all with ya, we'll just reserve some for ya, how's that?"

I realize sharing resources, especially motorvehicles, is considered "socialism" by many North Americans. The freedom they fight for is the freedom to individually own, fail to maintain, then commend to the junk heap.

And who am I to talk right? Like here's the BizmoBozo himself up on some high horse, raving and gesticulating about sociopathic gasoholic others. Like, don't I spend about as many joules as the average fuel-squandering American, when it comes to hauling my ass down the road?