Friday, June 16, 2006

Cyber School Bus

Yes, I thought of "magic" but that belongs to Ms. Frizzle and company. I'm not trying to ride her coattails, nor Bill Nye the Science Guy's, much as I admire them both.

I blew my stack versus USA liberals again this morning, even though I count myself as a liberal arty type (need strong core knowledge that's not hyperspecialized etc.). True, apocalyptic Christians are royal pains in the behind, but these global warming freaks are just as painful to listen to. All that whining about God's will, gimme a break (joke).

The common denominator: fear in both cases. Let me scare you with Eternity and/or with being Left Behind, or if you're not God fearing, damn you to hell, then let me scare you with floods, famine and fire (and high gas prices). Just let me scare you, plllllleeeeez (Roger Rabbit voice).

What's fun is watching the Framework of Fear, so carefully crafted by Mr. Politico, crumbling. It's apocalyptic for him maybe, but from my vantage point, it's more like watching some bozo the clown on steroids cartoon on some lazy Saturday morning.

Related: United Nations cyberschoolbus website (more the idea of web content as bus-like, than of a bus-like motorvehicle outfitted with cyberware).