Sunday, December 04, 2005

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (movie review)

A playful romp through modern Gotham, wherein fathers rape, imprison and/or kill their own daughters -- or simply steal, write trashy fiction, and make movies. The loser anti-hero, a thief, bad in bed and at math, pursues the slinky, funny girl of his boyhood dreams. She cuts him some slack, thinking he's really a detective who might help solve a loved one's murder. He pulls off some magic and saves the day. Heart warming.

Matt and I retired to Leaky Roof (new owners) for some dinner, where I discovered I'd lost my free movie ticket (I'm a card carrying Regal Cinemas goer). That bummed me out. Plus I get tired of Gotham sometimes and wonder why Batman tried so hard to save it. The answer is Biblical I suppose: just one or two worth saving is enough to tip the scales. But I get tired of the Bible too. Maybe the real reason to keep saving the world is simpler: women.