Friday, December 30, 2005

Hanukkah Party

We missed the big Hanukkah Party this year, because of our booking on the mountain. I was actually triple booked: Wanderers featured Dick Pugh and his Trans-Siberian Railroad adventure (not a recent trip, but still a great story -- I got an update from Don).

So this year we went to a smaller Hanukkah Party, same site, and enjoyed many of the same activities: eating latkes, playing dradle for chocolate geld, exchanging gifts, perusing the Yiddish dictionary (a simple one). We talked a lot about movies and TV shows.

I brought several brands of sparkling juice (grape, pear, strawberry, apple, apple-marionberry) and suggested we each hypothesize which we'd like best, then see if we'd guessed right. That didn't happen exactly (my agenda wasn't a big priority, nor was I especially attached to it). The grape was a big hit, and was kosher besides.

Earlier, I helped Barry, a retired banker and peace corps vet (and Wanderer) snake some wires through a pipe on his 40 foot Tollycraft -- he was adding a new GPS device.

Update 1/1/06
: the GPS works great! Barry took her out the next day and we watched ourselves make a line on the screen (lots of floating wood, dodged a dead tree).