Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas 2005

Yesterday morning, Don and I drove out to Sandy to assist the Lehmans with tree decorating and computer stuff. Gene, a devout Catholic intellectual, publishes the LUNO newsletter.

Then I drove Don to the boat so he could retrieve his car (a water pump issue). I'm still thinking about Gloria's rum cake.

Dawn and I met under the big tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square for some last minute shopping. A baby carriage tipped over on the swaying trolley, dumping infant and toddler. Dawn rushed to help mother while I mumbled some apologies for the faulty engineering.

Last night we did Christmas Eve with Quakers at the Stark Street meeting house. Bridge City Friends Meeting produced the event which featured readings, singing, and candles. I was happy to share this time with so many fine people.

My ability to sing appears to have deteriorated somewhat -- these days I mostly just listen.

This morning, our family was graced with gifts from faraway places: Italy, Lebanon, Tibet, Michigan...

I wanted Tara to experience the joys of vinyl records, and so purchased a turntable (Denon), along with some used records (The Beatles, Tom Lehrer), plus Dawn has an old stack, plus Don was giving 'em away at the Wanderers party. We also got her a more modern disc player, cell phone, and a robot dog (Tara has developed an intense interest in robotics lately).

I'm expecting Matt to come by. I bought his gift from a nonprofit toy store that donates its nonprofits to children. Matt renewed my subscription to The Nation.

Thank you friends and family, for your many gifts and blessings.