Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another NSR from AAA

So right in the same curb side parking spot it happened last time, on a sunny day (this time it was cold and overcast), my car engine refused to restart (dash flicker, clock says new time). Last time, she restarted, this time no dice. So we arranged another car to fetch the kids and I waited for AAA, reading Ideas by Peter Watson.

The USA Towing guy showed up in the requested Battery Support Unit (AAA roadside service and I agreed that's what I needed -- not a tow truck). He tested the battery, and 'shore nuff it was close to dead (14% rating). I cheerfully agreed to buy a new one off him, but according to his clipboard log, he'd just transacted his last compatible unit away. So although he jump started my car, he entered an NSR (no service rendered) into the AAA computer -- because he didn't have the battery I wanted to buy. He suggested Les Schwab (14% is low enough to suggest immediate replacement).

I drove her to the Les Schwab on SE Powell and received instant expert service. They offered me a choice between extremely powerful and super extremely powerful batteries. I went for the less expensive choice, which it turned out was not in stock, so they gave me the super duper one for the price of the only super one.

AAA entered an NSR for me once before on this car, when I got her towed on a flat bed, following the bicycle collision with Matt. That time, my driver was also the evening's chief, and needed to rush to a crash scene, Razz already strapped down in the back (me front). He kindly credited back the service because I didn't raise any fuss maybe.

Wanderers met this morning. Then I adjourned to Wired, and later to Meliptus (lunch at Thanh Thao).