Monday, April 29, 2019

Camp Crypto

We respect "jobs" and "work" enough to pay people to do them, but think "study" -- as in "work-study" -- is not work and therefore it's no one's job to get educated. Make studying paid work, and you've solved a lot of problems.

From current studies:

Verifying md5 hash in Python

My small campus tests should teach us a lot. We could have a cash-like crypto and credits in the more academic sense, which nevertheless have currency-like attributes. 

Could be that when you join the camp (which is not a prison camp) you put your usual wallet (with any outside currency), charge cards and phone in a secure locker. The camp cellphone will come pre-equipped with your wallet and apps. 

When you leave the camp in about three weeks (average stay for this facility) you'll get your stuff back while returning the camp gear (you probably get to keep some samples though i.e. a "swag bag" -- product placement is part of the business model).