Friday, May 04, 2018

Back to Work


I returned the balance of The Americans unwatched.

"It was getting too addictive" I told the librarian, who empathized.  I've got school work to keep up with, and a job to teach what I've learned.

Anyway, I got the idea.  My respects to the entire cast.  I hope to get back to it sometime.  Maybe on an airplane flight somewhere.

No more time for any binge-watching of clever screenwriter fantasies.

Speaking of which, a film crew was out in force half way up Mt. Tabor.  Glenn knew immediately which house I meant and said crews have been there on numerous occasions.

Why do I doubt it's just a commercial then, like that guy said?  They pointedly don't have any signs out telling us what they're filming.

I was reading The Economist this morning at Common Ground.  Sounds like DC is at it again, the rogue city with a grandiosity complex.

That gross attack against Syria reminded me of Clinton's cruise missile attack on the veterinary medicine plant, but on a much huger scale, in terms of folly.  Too Cuban Missile crisis.

Havana and Puerto Rico should talk more about trade.  DC imposes sanctions everywhere it looks of course, on its colonies especially (Guantanamo, Okinawa, Kwajalein ...).

The macroscope is a lot about gases in the atmosphere and their sources.  Methane tends to be a mystery these days.  It's rising, but why?  Quadrays look like methane, but I don't think that's it.

The satellites are on it.  Detective work needed.

To those saying the "secret" Michael Pompeo meetup with Kim Jong Un is DeepFaked, I say what does it matter?  Saves on jet fuel to use avatars.