Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Colonialism 2018

The Colony of Puerto Rico, called a Commonwealth as that sounds better, is not free to accept ships from just anywhere. The hurricane was a jobs program for many maritime workers, not to mention pilots, if only for evacuation purposes.

The Jones Act is what I'm urging AFSC to keep studying.  Lots of analysis slowly brews and gets untapped at a later date. Just like with the HVDC lines, and all that research (GENI etc.), and with the refugee issues studied by UNHCR, the learning phase takes time.  Detective work is sometimes painstaking.

The above connects to the Chinese Peace Corps meme, which is somewhat esoteric.  The idea for free eyeglasses for all who need them, as a bare minimum living standard expectation, sounded like something Chinese would think of, and then encourage by means of inexpensive aid programs, in Walmart parking lots perhaps, in Michigan.

North Americans sometimes don't see themselves in need of care and assistance.  Yet the rest of the world sees a lot of sickness on their screens, and lots of acting out around the world. 

Having Chinese help provide eyeglasses might seem demeaning, as if "the richest nation on earth" couldn't organize such a thing.  But it couldn't.  More likely it would punch you in the face and break the glasses you already have.

I think the struggling people of North America are more aware of their pain and therefore more likely to assist others, whereas those enjoying insulated lives want to control how much the dispossessed try to help one another.  That's a long way of saying we won't be angry if other countries ignore the embargo against Puerto Rico.

Targeting Puerto Rico for sanctions was never fair in the first place.