Thursday, February 22, 2018

Free College

The progressives say Russiagate is distracting from the student debt problem, plus so many Americans are political prisoners of the Feds, post the ending of Prohibition (part 2) on the part of several states. Facing these issues is too painful for those with no solutions, so the scapegoats are to blame. An old story.

In the meantime, geeks such as helped win WWII for the British, the Turing Types, have transformed the face of education to where the logical API is your dorm room studio aka home.  The lectures are all there, as are opportunities for two-way and multi-way communication.  Concentrating on making the home a true PWS (personal workspace) makes more sense than borrowing money to invest in someone else's digs.  How many homes might one person afford (a great many, in some cases)?

The point:  "free college" as some imagine it, might not be as brick and mortar nor as easily paid for on the backs of young people.  Getting relief from those loans might involve entering another service, one that pays loans back, but perhaps in a devaluing currency.  Inflation is on the side of borrowers right?  Not all M1 denominated in dollars are actually Treasury bills.  But I'm getting ahead of my story.

Maybe we could pay them in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to redo college but in a different way, one that involves work/study which could mean world travel, and you might not have to wear a uniform or carry weapons.  The world is getting really sick of weapons and those who find them necessary to their survival.  Weapons used recreationally, not for crimes, are not actually weapons, nor sold as such.  A nuance of the language.

Anyway, I think patriots of all countries can rally around a university system that rescues more than it impedes.  There's a transfer of wealth going on, in entropic terms, from the sun to the earth, meaning an increase in entropy there, leading to eventual gigantism or brown drawfism, is feeding syntropy here, or potentially is doing that.  Or ability to order information has gotten rather good, what with big data and server farms and all.

Russiagate looks like an attempt to stop hacktivism and assert Federal control in new overreaching ways.  The move to criminalize self expression is quite one sided, with corporations free to pour money into Federal coffers, but forbidden to engage in private ventures unless friendly to same, willing to pay tribute and bribes.  A kind of extortion is happening, whereas a lot of the geeks who worked hard on this railroad were not doing so for the aggrandizement of any District, of Columbia or otherwise.

We'll see if the FBI is successful, in combination with the Patriot Act and other tools, in continuing to prosecute anyone using social media in ways disapproved of by the DOJ or any of several players set up to enforce a set of rules within a particular jurisdiction.  Those using Facebook to advertise their post Prohibition product lines are engaging in activities the DOJ has criminalized, or so they might soon allege.  But how does one tell Facebook to deny Californians access to home grown social media?  Silicon Valley is not about to surrender its economy to east coasters who don't know bash or think Ubuntu is some kind of drink.