Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wanderers 2016.8.17


Lucky for us, Barbara Stross is dog-sitting and brought the stafford terrier with her to Wanderers today.  We talked at some length about pit bulls.  I shared about the story on NPR I picked up on the rental car radio, when driving in the mid-west.

I've always thought we should embrace non-humans as members, not that we have anything so formal as "membership", like the Quakers have.  Dogs should have status.

I'm thinking of the Ecuadorian constitution, one of the first to assign legal rights to nature, what a concept.  I don't know if English speakers would have ever come to that, probably some would.

We also talked quite a bit about zika in Puerto Rico, and about the state of PR more generally.  The territory was a perch for Big Pharma, enjoying tax breaks.  Steve seemed to know the story there, all news to me.

Then Congress ended those breaks, is that how it went?  How does it work with the Virgin Islands again?

I know Belau was enticed into a Compact of Free Association after "getting it wrong" in several plebiscites.  Belau wanted some nuclear free zone provisions the nuke heads on their high horses were demanding be removed.

Nuke heads have a hard time with defiance, especially around nukes and their having them.

We talked about a lot of other things as well.  That's why it's called Wanderers, because the conversation is like a Ouija Board, but higher bandwidth.

Patrick and family are back from Tuscon, AZ.  He and the kids got to tour Biosphere 2.  Lucky!