Monday, August 01, 2016

Quaker Doings


 John Taylor is in town, working on his autobiography.

Yesterday it looked like lights out on that nifty notebook with wireless mouse, which has some issues. We're brainstorming some alternatives for his remaining weeks in Portland.

In the meantime, I got it back up and running over the weekend, and made a new backup to his USB stick.  He's on his own from Indonesia, his wife having gone back to her job in Jakarta (their base), having made a career in international development.

His career dates back to the Robert Moses era in New York City.  He's worked with the Ford Foundation in India, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and so on.  He knows a lot about "informal neighborhoods".

Last Tuesday, I introduced him to my friend (and Friend) Denny at Tom's.  Denny was just a couple days off the jet from Shanghai, where he used to work for the US Commerce Department.  He brought me some gifts.

John is fighting a small screen.  The notebook is nice and light, fits in his backpack.  For now it's a solution.  On a previous visit, he did a presentation at Wanderers.

On this visit he'll be giving a talk at Thirsters in mid-August.

We also enjoyed that lunch buffet at Dwaraka's (prior to the laptop rescue operation).  He had a couple days in my guest room before settling into a house-sitting situation.

On Q2 I've dredged up my Global Data science fiction, about a N8V rez-based corporation that leverages local IT investments to create a philanthropic climate: the Coffee Shops Network I've outlined.

However given my lingering focus on the "ghost church", it's also about CodeCastle, the teacher training facility.

Speaking of CSN, Glenn and I enjoyed the Woodsman Tavern on Division, perfect day for outside table. Glenn's study of the Portland Tribune got us there, finally (it's in the neighborhood).

He was celebrating the Macroscope's appearance in the most recent issue of Scientific American (not a hexapent global matrix, but that's a detail in design).

I was celebrating getting to the top of Mt. Tabor on the donated bicycle, thank you Sam Lanahan.  Once in a blue moon I'll indulge in a big burger, not usually my style.  The Tribune said they're the best. I enjoyed the ambience and IPA.

John Taylor @ Dwaraka